Welcome to the QICK documentation!


The Quantum Instrumentation Control Kit (QICK for short) is a Xilinx RFSoC-based qubit controller which supports the direct synthesis of control and readout pulses. The QICK consists of a digital board hosting an RFSoC (RF System-on-Chip) FPGA, custom firmware and software, and an optional companion custom-designed analog front-end board. All of the schematics, firmware, and software are open-source and available on Github. Our team primarily supports the ZCU111, ZCU216, and RFSoC4x2 evaluation boards. We generally recommend using the newer generation of RFSoCs (ZCU216 and RFSoC4x2) for better overall performance.

Getting started with QICK

QICK software

QICK firmware

  • If you are interested in learning more about the QICK firmware, the firmware and its documentation are available here.

  • You also may want to learn more about how the QICK tProcessor works. In this case, you can reference the QICK assembly language documentation. Note that this documentation may not be up to date with the current version of the QICK firmware. It is made available here as a learning tool for those interested in learning the principles of the QICK tProcessor. Those who have more specific questions can contact lstefana AT fnal.gov.